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Explorations in Qualitative and Arts-Based Research: Introduction to NVivo

Keynote Speaker Kristi Jackson

Making an Exhibition of a Theatre Audience: Research Through Photography

Ginny Ratsoy (Thompson Rivers University)

Social Science or Social Control: Qualitative Researchers’ Dilemma in Contrastive Rhetoric

Yaying Zhang (Thompson Rivers University)

Settlement Experiences in a Small City: Kamloops, British Columbia

Julie Drolet (Thompson Rivers University), Jeanette Robertson (Thompson Rivers University), Picku Multani (Interior Health Authority), Wendy Robinson (Kamloops Immigrant Services), and Monika Wroz (Thompson Rivers University)

Aesthetic Representations of Community

Joi Freed-Garrod, Darcy Martin, and Jennifer Denton (Thompson Rivers University)

Untold Stories: Valuing Women’s Contributions to Community Life in Kamloops, British Columbia

Julie Drolet, Trish Archibald, and Ila Crawford (Thompson Rivers University)

An autoethnographic miniature on the tensions and boundaries of researcher experiences

Johanne Provençal (Simon Fraser University)

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